Friday, 3 June 2011

Out With The Old – In With The New (Part 1 – New Blog)

Welcome one & all to my new blog site, I’m going to be using this for the 2011-12 season starting with the pre-season games. I’ve decided to make a separate page because it’s easier to share via facebook & twitter etc – it’s also a lot easier to find on the internet as BlogSpot is a very common blogging website.
Next season I may not be covering every single Mansfield Town game, I’m at the stage in my career now where, if I’m serious about becoming a broadcaster, I need to step away from the stags. I’m currently on the lookout for a job in broadcasting next season, so if anyone knows where there’s one going – get in touch.
I’ll always love the stags, and as things stand I WILL be covering them next year if things remain the same as last year with Takeover Radio. They have added two teams to their sports coverage, BSBP New boys Alfreton & BSBN outfit Eastwood Town, I will be watching all three sides over the course of pre-season and possibly the season too, hence whilst I’ve set up this new blog – to keep all my stags stuff on my website & put all the new stuff from all the clubs I visit here.
I will continue to write in the style I hope you all enjoy, I’ll try to have a light hearted look at what’s happening on the pitch, tell all the stories from the terraces & my second home (the press box), write reports and share my views on everything that’s going on.     
I literally am covering all the angles, I hope you enjoy the read of my blogs.
Keep your eyes peeled for part two, where I’ll be sharing my views on the transfer activity at my beloved Mansfield Town.  

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